Fourth Floor, *Immigration Headquarters Gloucester Street Freetown,Thursday 19 October 2023-The Chief Immigration Officer(CIO), Hon. Alusine Kanneh has received special gifts from Always Work With Others (AWWO) Green Movement for his exemplary leadership provided for the AWWO family over the years, congratulating him for his new appointment as the new Chief Immigration Officer.

Presenting the gifts to the new CIO, the Deputy National Coordinator, AWWO Green Movement, Pastor Samuel Deffie, praised Hon. Alusine Kanneh for his unique and adorable leadership showed up for the organization, underscoring that through the support of CIO, the AWWO Green Movement has been recognized by many across the country.

The Deputy National Coordinator also mentioned that they see CIO as a mentor to many and that the entire nation has known about their Chairman in the astute personality for AWWO Green Movement, stating that it is a realizing dream bearing the fact that CIO is becoming a heavy and undisputed champion in the politics of Sierra Leone.

“But never say never being our Chairman. We attended the program in Kenema but we were not able to present the gifts. We never wanted our gifts to go unnoticed because some of them are indelible monumental gifts that will be kept not only in the office but in your heart” he said.

He continued “And I do believe these gifts will melt your heart, considering that your younger brother has played a major role in bringing this organization to this stage. And the group that he has formed to propel your agenda shortly by the grace of God, we will definitely succeed in our dreams. So we are cross sections from the group of AWWO Green Movement where you act in the capacity as an acting Chairman to present to you these special gifts.”

He disclosed that one of the gifts presented was a hand-made technological plug and a hand-made technological plug is real and it is like a dynamite and he does believe it will definitely implicate an essence in the life of the CIO.

On behalf of the AWWO Green Movement, the Deputy National Coordinator heartily congratulated the CIO for his new appointment. He revealed that one of the gifts presented was designed with the portrait of the President and also the portrait of Hon. Alusine Kanneh which will definitely metamorphose to a higher height.

In his brief statement, the National Coordinator AWWO Green Movement, Umarr Fuaad Bawoh expressed his gratitude to the Chief Immigration Officer for his support towards the Movement. He added that the AWWO Green Movement is a movement that formed to seek the interest of every Sierra Leone devoid of political affiliation.

Umaar Fuaad Bawoh further said the organization aims to address the challenges young people face, noting with support from the acting Chairman, they have been able to galvanize thousands of members for the movement across the country especially, in the Western Area of Freetown.

Receiving the gifts, the Acting Chairman for AWWO Green Movement, who also doubles as the Chief Immigration Officer, Hon. Alusine Kanneh thanked and appreciated the AWWO Family for the immeasurable support displayed during his royal welcome in Kenema.

He applauded the Movement for the precious gifts presented, disclosing that he was not surprised because the AWWO Family has played pivotal roles in elevating grassroot support for the SLPP party in the Western Area of Freetown.

“Receiving these gifts from you guys has made me feel truly appreciated and valued. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for making me proud to be a part of this incredible organization. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the extraordinary gifts” he expressed.

He applauded them for presenting such gifts, adding that their support means the world to him and appreciated the way they supported him in Kenema during his golden welcome and said their help is greatly appreciated.

He acknowledged the support the AWWO Green Movement has given to him and also promised to work with the Family to see how he can further strengthen the family relationship they have built over the years.

He further thanks the organization and he said he has always been part of the organization. He described the National Coordinator, AWWO Green Movement as a ‘brother’ and he believed in him, and all of the Green Movement Family and he was happy that they came forward to do what they have done in Kenema and he was grateful.

The CIO pointed out that what happened in Kenema is going to be history to him, their participation, their activeness, their boldness and maintaining that the actions of the AWWO National Coordinator and team was extraordinary.

Today again, he continued giving these wonderful gifts by layers especially, with the portrait of him and the President being superb and he noted that it would be difficult to forget about such gifts.

He concluded by saying that he has always been part of the organization and they’re always welcome to meet with him whether in good times or in bad times and he was ready to help to make sure that this organization goes across the country and they need to be known across the country.

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